30 Years

Authorizations and Certifications

INASE - SAGPyA de la Nación


Authorization INASE, RESOLUTION Nº 164/04: HI/1745

  • Virus analysis
  • Nematodes analysis
  • Physical, morphological and physiological analysis

SENASA - SAGPyA de la Nación

Register constancy as commercial operator at the National Health and Quality of Agricultural Food Agency. Record Nº 19870/02.

Certification ISO 9001:2015 Standards

Certificate AR08/00897 for the activities detailed below:

  • Service of diagnosis of plant diseases, maintenance of In Vitro bank of potato varieties and other plant species.
  • Development of healthy material for propagation and phytodiagnostic techniques.
  • Production and commercialization of minitubers and healthy potato plantlets and other plant species.

About us

Health Analysis, we became the first laboratory in the country certified to apply ELISA test (immunoenzymatic technique) in disease potato diagnosis.

In December 1985, our company started to produce ?Minitubers? for pre-basic seed potato, being the first production in Argentina.

For over 30 years of work development, Diagnósticos Vegetales SA has gathered a team of specialized professionals and highly qualified technicians, offering a wide range of services and products. As a result, our Minitubers, technology and advising are fully appreciated both by Argentinian and Latin-American markets.

We are currently committed to transferring the acquired knowledge, experience and well-known business development in the potato area, to the greatest variety of LABORATORY SERVICES, as well as pre-basic seed potato PRODUCTION and different plant species.


C.E.O, Sales Department and Technical Director
Agronomist Ana María Escarrá

Finance and Administration Department
CP/LA Alejandro Italiano
CP/LA Adrián Morinico
Alicia Barcarollo

Quality Management and Human Resources Department
Federico Italiano

Laboratory Areas
Msc. Lic. María Jose Orofino
Lic. Damian Caccaviello
Lic. Maite Suasnabar

Minitubers production facility
T.A. Gustavo Giordano

Customer Assistance
Celeste Vallejos