30 Years

DVSA In Vitro Bank

Since 1995 we offer companies and breeders of varieties the service of In Vitro Bank for the introduction of clones and potato varieties, fruits and vegetables, as well as the production of trial materials and commercial development of new genotypes.

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DVSA Laboratory accredited in Seed Potato Health

Our laboratory (accredited by the National SAGPyA nº HI/1745) has a key role in the programs of seed potato inspection in charge of the INASE (Instituto Nacional de Semillas - National Seeds Institute) and in the delivery of analytical information to private growers.

We perform post-harvest viruses? diagnosis by immunoenzymatic techniques (ELISA) and nematodes identification, which are requirements of the National Seeds Law and commercial demands to determine the seed potato quality.

Services for the health management of potato crop

The laboratory is accredited by the National SAGPyA, nº HI/1745, to fulfill the health post-control of inspected seed potato.

Post-control of viruses by ELISA test in samples of tubers.
Post-control of nematodes in samples of tubers for seed potato. (Accreditation HI/1745).

DVSA Plant Clinic

Our staff of professionals and our laboratory facilities contribute to an interdisciplinary view allowing us to deal with specific concerns of our customers according to their needs.

Services of Phytopathology

  • Infrastructure and trained professionals for the plant pathogens detection.
  • Clinical diagnosis via symptoms.
  • Direct detection of pathogens on the affected material or by isolation in artificial culture media.
  • Diagnosis by immunoenzymatic techniques (ELISA).
  • Molecular Biology. Immunofluorescence and other molecular techniques.
  • Disease surveillance in crops.

DVSA Research and Development

  • Use of molecular techniques for the diagnosis and protection from phytopathogens.
  • Development of multiplex PCR for viruses? detection.
  • Potato Common Scab diagnosis.
  • Biochemical tests.
  • Molecular techniques.
  • New developments.